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My Why

Ever wondered how you can play a role in solving our lack of human connection? Good, me too, which is why I started this podcast. I decided to turn the world into my classroom and sit down with the people making a difference to bring us closer together through the power of community. Twice a month, I interview guests who are connecting members of tribes all over the world. They are the agents of change that enable connection to happen. If you’re interested in human connection or community this is the podcast for you.



The Community Builder Podcast is a podcast dedicated to those people making a difference in the world and who bring people together through the power of human connection. Every day I will share some form of content whether that be a podcast episode, YouTube Video, Instagram Story, Facebook Post, Tweet, or even your own personalized Alexa daily briefing. I just like to create with cool people and want to help reconnect the world, and that’s what this show is for. If you liked an episode or something else I’ve shared, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with people who you believe would find value inside.


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